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Author Topic: Cheap as Chips GSM/Phone mount for Fellow Maxi Riders and Bikers  (Read 1202 times)

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Hi Guys,

although this is on a maxi scooter, many bikes have a very like arrangement for the clutch and brake levers, so with a bit of imagination could also fit many other machines.

i ride a couple of PTW's as several other members do, and no doubt like others i need my phone easily available when i ride, especially for sat/nav.

also as sure as egg's are egg's the ruddy thing rings as soon as i set off for work.

the popular RAM mount option is very well built, it is also fairly expensive so a target for thieves in it's own right. imo its also a bit too 'industrial scaffold' looking, sort of thing used for lighting rigs, and simply too ugly t be seen on my sleek brand new Silver Wing. it would also cost near to £100 - ouch i thought.

so i write down my desired parameters which were -:
1) i do not want to drill anything on the new scooter.
2) it needs to be fairly cheap - or why bother?
3) easy to make - KISS methods are the best applied.
4) needs to be sturdy - not flap about.
5) needs to be elegant - not look like a bodge.
6) will not interfere with view of instruments
7) will not restrict steering - oh heck!
8) easy to install - be hard to make it simpler imo.
9) Phone is easy to mount and remove - for fill ups' etc.

so i mess about for a while with different idea's and finally settled on the pictured solution below.

the photo shows the proto type bit of steel i drilled and mounted, and my MDA Touch Diamond in its normal leather case. after i spotted a simple 'L' bracket in the building section of B&Q shown below before being fitted, now it is on the scooter as the 'Mk2 version' installed today.

by using the slotted 'leg' on the angle bracket, it fits easily over the two brake bracket bolts (which i replaced with longer bolts), also allows for some adjustment up and down, washers were used to aid appearance.

using a size 10 nut in the picture (substituted with 4 washers on the Mk2 version) as simple spacers on each bolt, the angle bracket slot clears the brake bracket 'humped' form.

having previously altered the brackets angle from 45 degs to about 25 degrees (ish!) in a vice, i then shortened the other 'leg' to just above the inner most screw hole, and bolted a generic very cheap phone cradle, by nut and bolt through the inner most hole.

a coat of black paint, on the whole thing looks really tidy and almost a part of the machines design, while costing was less than £10.

for weather reasons and to give the cradle a better grip against bumpy roads, i have just bought a simple leather phone pouch for all of £3.00. i happened to spotted it on a purse and handbag stall while the beloved Behemoth was sourcing some clothes that 'might' fit ( :o), it has a soft plastic view window on one facing, and is open at one end. so my handset easily slides in and sits very snugly out of the rain, while i can still see the display in-situ easily.

the final touch is this pouch has eyelets, originally designed for a neck lanyard, i'll use these with some round elastic to secure everything onto the cradle as an extra security precaution.

the pics show the original bracket as an example of the idea, i've not had time to take new pics of the 'Mk2 version', which is a bit neater being of a now slimmer metal and also painted black.