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Hi from Upminster
« on: 26, April, 2010 - 15:33:06 »
Hi all, just taken my C5 for a run. All seems to work OK.
Bought it to have some fun with my son but also as a project. The last time I rode one was at Ali Paley 25 years ago and it was as much fun today as it was then.
My son thinks its something from the future which my wife thinks is hilarious. He is only 7 yrs. Will keep you updated on progress.
Would like to talk to anyone who has modified there C5 and I'm not talking spoilers etc more like motors.


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Re: Hi from Upminster
« Reply #1 on: 26, April, 2010 - 15:38:29 »
Would like to talk to anyone who has modified there C5 and I'm not talking spoilers etc more like motors.

We seem to be attracting a lot of new members lately which is excellent news  :)

Welcome to c5alive mate.

Chas (aka C5 enthusiast & restorer) has played a bit with alternative motors for the c5 , and a couple of us have tried out 24v conversions . Take a browse through the forum and you'll find the metal gearbox conversion by Dragon Technology (aka "electricDave").

Some prefer a concours ,orginal restoration whilst others prefer to alter/adapt/modify to keep it running and reliable.

I like both ,and everything in between  ;D

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Re: Hi from Upminster
« Reply #2 on: 27, April, 2010 - 10:21:46 »
Hi and a warm welcome aff1971

as Karl says, good really good to see the amount of members steadily rising, imho especially from Essex  ;D.

i'm sure you will find as i have the C5 is a very compelling hobby with enormous amounts fun chucked in for good measure, in comparison to say playing golf it is also fairly cheap once your up and running because no fuel or serious tools are needed, can be a bit like a game of postal chess where you can leave it when your fed up or want to work out your next best move.

if your into tinkering/modification then the C5 is like having a basic canvas to work off, allowing you to think up or copy others designs and experiment, have a good look through the gallery pimping section to see what can be done and some of the brilliant results achieved.

you are now amongst very enthusiastic people who in the main don't take themselves over seriously, i've found the knowledge and help here is given freely and invaluable in adding to the enjoyment.

early days yet, recommend get your C5 sorted and come out on one of the many rides, it's the best place to get the infamous C5 smile and a real gas to ride several machines in convoy, listening to the gasps of the kids and adults alike, and you get to see members faces (unfortunately ying always has a yang ;) ).