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Author Topic: Existing owner only just found the forum had no idea there was one!  (Read 2158 times)

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Well as an owner of 4 of the wonderful C5's i had no idea until today there was a forum, so thought well i have to join! so here i am

Have to confess i hope someone on here maybe able to help me after aquiring my last C5 (brand new in the box never been out, and NO not the one off fleabay) Im looking for a sinclair ZIKE..

Anyone know of any for sale, would love to add one to my collection..

Many thanks


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Welcome aboard bob!

You'll be made very welcome here.

What part of the country are you from?

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Hi Bob - Glad you have found us - love to see some photo's of your fleet if you get chance - maybe see you at one of our run's soon - details in the meeting section.Enjoy c5Alive !!
Regards Radiomarty


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West Midlands, Worcester.

Ive 2 x white boot C5's one is brand new in the box and came from my neighbour who had bought it new for his daughters birthday (suprise pressie) she took one look at the picture and didnt want it. I had my current 3 then was outside the house playing with it just after i moved in and he said you want another of those? i said yeah why? he said ive got one in my loft, there it was as new, never touched! then the best bit, he said you into them then? i said yeah, he said well you sort my car and you can have it. 20 mins later car was sorted and no.4 was in my house :-)

The other is immaculate but i use, yeah i go to work on it sometimes, go to town on it regularly, few upgrades, just to make it more sensible

1 x grey boot (came of fleabay) years ago was my first, odd scratch but goes a treat. But needs a clean..

1 x 24v upgraded alot, custom paint job (flip paint) underbody lights, LEDs, speedo, gears, disc brakes all round. But that is just for show, too scared to ride it, but it does go

And space for a zike....................................... cos they look wicked.   :P

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Welcome to the Forum ....

Look forward to seeing some pictures of your fleet.

I have two at the meoment, but on might be going soon, if i can part with it .......

But thats not decided yet.   ;D

There are C5s coming from all directions, there have been loads on  ebay over the last few weeks ....

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Welcome to the forum Bob, if you've only just stumbled across then you have'nt ever been on a C5 Alive run, they really are the best part of C5 ownership, getting together with other C5 owners and just going out and having a laugh. Welcome to the forum, its nice to see the numbers growing  :)

Retro Andy 


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Good to see you've found us mate  ;D

Looking forward to seeing some piccies of your fleet in the gallery section - we have quite a few of us here who love "pimping" the c5's  8)