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New Owner In Bristol
« on: 15, May, 2010 - 21:20:11 »
Hello.  For my 30th Birthday last weekend, my wife bought me a surprise C5.  I've started collecting retro computers, and after watching Micro Men it reawakened my fascination with Sinclair in general.  Most of the company's products were, in all honesty, terrible.  But that's what I like about them!  Ambitious, but rubbish. 

The one she bought I had seen on eBay myself, I think I might have even pointed it out to her.  She had emailed the seller in Gloucestershire, offering him a sum to end the auction early, but he refused.  She then won it for £100 less than she had offered!  Oh well, he took a gamble and lost!

As a car it's pretty much complete; came with mirrors, indicators, horn and High-vis mast (broken).  Sinclair tyres, tool kit, spare rear inner tubes and a mountain of paperwork; original Comet reciept, souvenir magazine, owners book, sales brochure, most accessories' fitting instructions, a Turbinewind parts list and even repair invoices and a reply letter from Sinclair Vehicles regarding faults and difficulties, one of which was inflating one of the rear tyres (they detailed a bodge).

The original battery wasn't included, nor was the charger, but half of the original battery lid was (the key side, modified with meter tails to fit the car battery).  Turns out the car battery was a dud, the plates all bent and some even corroded.  I've had a few problems, and have only managed a small ride on the pavement past midnight just to test it out.  To be perfectly honest, as much as I want to drive/ride it to work, I'm quite scared of a) traffic and b) the gang of hoodies who hang around by the shops laughing or worse, attacking me/it!  Most of the road to work is cycle path, but there is a difficult bit from where one lane ends and another begins: the road is one-way, and I'm going against it.  I've emailed the council, local cycle network and even the police, but no-one has replied yet as to what I am to do.

I plan on trying mobility scooter batteries in the thing, there are a few scooters coming up in a local commercial auction next week, I plan to cannibalise the batteries and charger, then sell the rest on as spares.  I tried a Numax leisure battery, but with the keyswitch on top it was too tall and fouled the handlebars.  I've ordered LED lights for the front and rear, and have a solar trickle charger which I am going to mount on the Kennel I need to build for it.  I live quite near Whitchurch Aerodrome, so plan on using the cycle track and runway for speed and range tests.

Anyway, a few pictures:

The pile of paperwork

The beast

Original purchase receipt (£981.06 today using an inflation calculator)

The spares etc. in the boot

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Re: New Owner In Bristol
« Reply #1 on: 15, May, 2010 - 21:46:24 »
Hello mate, welcome to the forum.  I too am 30, and got my first C5 last year.  I can understand your concerns about safety, but you'll soon find once you're using it from time to time, that you certainly get noticed, especially as you have the same sightline as someone in an Austin Mini (or so I'm told).

Looks like you've got a real bargain there, and the life history can only add to the value.

As for yobs and hoodies, they're in most towns and cities, but you may find you'll have to plan your rides so as to either avoid them, or simply be able to ride straight past them en-route to your end destination.  Daylight is best too, so you'll be able to maintain safety. 

You'll probably find that many people will consider you to be a positive sight, and will look in amazement at what you're taking down the street.  However, be careful where you park it, as they're easy to 'move-on'!

I'm no expert, but from what I've learned so far, do be careful what batteries you're using on the C5.  Not all are suitable, and you only get one chance with the electrics and pod, before they need to be repaired, or replaced at a cost. 

You'll find a great network of people with answers and solutions to even the most difficult enquiry here, and I've learned so much. 

Good luck, and be sure to upload many more photos. 

The oracles of the C5 knowledge will no doubt respond shortly, but I just couldn't help but say hi.