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Showing off
« on: 25, July, 2010 - 21:36:41 »
Yesterday me and my mate went out to play with my C5. Basically he wanted a good go, so I set it up, we got a bike and a camera, and went up the road! Obviously we had a good few funny looks, but we then hit a nice quiet road which doesn't go anywhere much, and got some pretty good shots.

Take a look on my Flickr! They're at the end of my 'C5' set.

I also recently got a set of fairing indicators which I've fitted to the back of my C5, really bright and quite high up so they're visible. They cost a fiver on eBay and fit in rather well!

Other modifications I've made:
Front indicators (so I have a full set! I used an MG Midget indicator switch on my right, works really well!)
Cooling fan - I noticed that you just use computer fans (and why not? It's 12 volt!) so I dug one up from my many boxes of stuff and bolted it in. Works well!
My flag! - piece of old red shirt atop a metal 'bamboo' cane, makes me nice and visible!

The observant among you will notice my right centre cap is missing. It fell off one day on my way to work, I didn't notice and saw it on my way home, obviously I stopped to grab it and it wasn't even bent! It had rolled across the road and lay in the gutter all day on a main road! :o I'm thinking about ways to affix it a little better before I put it back...

Things I'd like to do:
Brakes - *most* important. Back brake is rubbish, front brake worries me (concerns of bursting...). I keep looking for a steel rim for the front, but I'd like to fit a disc brake to the back, certainly before I consider 24v mods!
24V mod (with a metal gearbox, or metal insert, hoping for the upgrade soon! - brakes first of course!)
Fix my control box (still doesn't report current, it's making my PIC project hard!)
Horn (I've got the switch and I probably have some wire, I just need to get a horn and wire it in!
Floodlight? Would love to have "main beam" when people annoy me :D


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Re: Showing off
« Reply #1 on: 25, July, 2010 - 22:42:17 »
A man after my own heart  ; a bit modifying c5's myself  8)

I have similar indicators for the front of "Voodoo"