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Cycleguard Rescue is a new emergency roadside recovery service for cyclists – a cycling version of those yellow or orange vans that help when your car breaks down! It is a unique rescue service brought to you by Cycleguard but with the recovery service provided by Call Assist, one of the UK's biggest rescue specialists.

How does it work?
If you became unable to complete a journey (anywhere in the UK), due to an accident, theft, vandalism or irreparable breakdown of your bike, Call Assist will take you and your bicycle to a convenient location. That could be a bicycle repair shop, railway station, car rental agency or your home or alternative overnight accommodation if either are nearer.

It's great for commuters as well as leisure cyclists who enjoy using their bicycles away from home.

It's worth noting that any roadside breakdown must have occurred at least one mile away from your home to be eligible to use your Cycleguard Rescue cover.

How much does it cost?
Cycleguard Rescue is very reasonable, it costs just £18 per bicycle for 12 months of cover.

Does it cover multiple bicycles?
No – the cover is for a specified bicycle. If you have more than one bike, you'll need separate cover for each on each bicycle.

Are there any significant things it doesn't cover?
  • If you are outside of the uk
  • If the theft, damage, accident or breakdown occurred whilst using your bicycle for racing, time trials or other competitive cycle sport
  • If you are within a mile of your home
  • Flat tyres or punctures

They cover any bicycle, adult tricycle or tandem, including any mechanically or electronically assisted cycle weighing less than 40kg and with an output not exceeding 200w/15mph and not subject to the requirements of the Road Traffic Act - so this will include your Sinclair C5, I think?

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Nope, Sinclair C5 is 250W and weighs 45Kg with original battery