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Author Topic: Where i've been last 6 months - Shell Eco Marathon 08 !!  (Read 2322 times)

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Where i've been last 6 months - Shell Eco Marathon 08 !!
« on: 09, July, 2008 - 00:41:47 »
Hy guys ! last 7 months were the most active month in my life !! i remember reading some of you, in the old forum, talking about the Shell Eco Marathon, it was in 2007.. well, i just looked around me and guess what, the University was trying to put up a team of students to partecipate in the event!!

I filed for it, and got a place in powertrain !! well, i was also the only one so.. whooaaa i did so much electronics, i'm able to build a new Power System for the C5 from grounds up!!

Cut short, in less than 6 months we came up with an Hydrogen powered vehicle fully built by ourself, inspired by.. guess ! My C5 !! yeah. not much of it was left in the final vehicle (photos below) but all along the design and during main events which led to the Marathon the C5 was a constant presents!! everybody of the team drove it to get the feeling of a lightweight vehicle ;) I even managed to take it to an Eco-Something event in Turin as "mascotte" of our group :D See photos below !!

The Vehicle: Idra 08

The team:

(Me, leftmost, with glasses, hat and Sparco suit)

Drive position:

Back systems:

Too much to say, i'll leave you some links, soon i'll upload somewhere photos on the Marathon.

Photos of the event in Turin:
7 Sep
8 Sep
9 Sep

Experience on the event:
7 Sep
8 Sep
9 Sep

Some more photos of the Idra 08

I like this picture - Vehicles of the future are all line up, mark the one which is over 20 yrs old.. i'm sure nobody outside would be able to answer  :P

Oh Men.. all this thanks to my little C5 ;) - I'm crying for it !!

"Some things are built only to be driven be one man, others are Built to inspire and to drive People in the future"

If only Sir Sinclair could know what his little C5s are still doing nowadays..  :'(


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Re: Where i've been last 6 months - Shell Eco Marathon 08 !!
« Reply #1 on: 09, July, 2008 - 15:41:23 »
well done mate  8)

Very impressive !

its also good to have you back on the forum  :-*