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A new C5?
« on: 25, March, 2012 - 21:50:47 »
The Law surrounding this class of vehicle is quite interesting.

So its not possible to remake a c5 ever again.  (if clive decided to somehow get the rights back to make more) unless power was disabled when peddling stopped.

If this is true who is to say when a vehicle of this class is made?   you could knock up a 250w electric vehicle with some peddles but not conented to the electrics same a s c5, and just say "it was made it in 1984.  and i have recently restored it to its full glory".

and to help your story dress up in vintage clothes and get an old Polaroid camera and take some pics of a random person riding it outside some houses in an old looking estate with some old reg cars.

My point is - The c5 is great but with all modern advancements it should possible to remake a c5 from scratch using alternatives - with maybe a new body shell glass fibre etc.

The new generation electric vehicles inspired by Clive Sinclair. 

But if the above blag fails  just put an override switch to enable power when not peddling.

Also im assuming that the weight is without the battery?  as thats just the power? otherwise you would have to weigh the human as well for the peddle power?