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Tesco Petrol Offer
« on: 22, August, 2012 - 15:04:15 »
Hi Everyone!

You may remember me from a couple of years ago when I used to own a C5. I sold it a couple of years ago, and I've now bought a Mini :)

Anyway, for anyone who needs petrol, Tesco have a great offer on at the moment that you might be able to use:

They've got some 50p per litre off vouchers, which expire on Sunday. I bought my vouchers from an online auction site by searching for tesco petrol vouchers. Plus, the guy I bought my vouchers off had a Mini too  8)

Yes, its 50p off a litre. They gave you a 10p off per litre coupon when you bought certain products, but it says on the back you can use 5 of them at once. This guy on eBay seems to have got his hands on a few and is selling them on.

I have just filled up my sisters car, which has an 80l tank (don't ask). Using the same figures as the guy in the listing, it would have worked out at:
80x133.9 = £107.12

but with the vouchers
80x83.9 = £67.12

With a grand saving of £40 - the vouchers cost me a tenner, and I got ten which was enough to do it twice! (you can only use 5 at once).

I'll link to where I got them from:

5 vouchers/1 car

10 vouchers/2 cars
The vouchers expire on the 26th (Sunday), but may be useful to someone out there.