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Author Topic: Where's this C5 now?  (Read 960 times)

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Where's this C5 now?
« on: 06, July, 2013 - 21:24:21 »
I watched an interesting documentary last night about Sinclair prototype testing, and I found what could potentially be one of the prototypes that came up for sale on Fleebay in 2011. It said in the description that he'd contacted C5alive at the time. Anyway, I'm fairly confident that I know "which" prototype this machine was and I'd love to trace it's whereabouts! It didn't sell at the time on EBay and the seller said that he later sold it at a local auction. Basically what makes this C5 stand out is that it has a second freewheeling mounted on the axle and looks as though other metal parts were welded to the chassis.

Ring any bells to anyone here?