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First connection
« on: 07, January, 2013 - 20:57:28 »
Hi Everyone...
Well the resto is advancing nicely, the chassis is now de-rusted, painted and re-assembled. I have constructed, painted and fitted the new(longer) chain tensioner.The chain has been cleaned,oiled and refitted and the body and chassis have been re-united.
Tonights plan was to fit a battery and switch on...or so i thought.
Clive still has his original key switch assembly but i don't have the appropriate battery so i carefully disassembled the switch and connected the Blue to positive and Brown to negative of the battery ...NAh only kidding !!i put brown to + and blue to -...........and nothing.
No leds twinkled at me and the motor (which has been tested) did not purr...Am i doing something wrong or is this indicitive of something else???I opened the top cover of the control box and noticed 1 fuse missing...would this disconnect all the electrics ??I did not hear the relay click and no lights came on ..
Any ideas??
Hope the answer is cheap as 'er indoors has given strict instruction for no more spending 'til payday

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Re: First connection
« Reply #1 on: 07, January, 2013 - 23:38:39 »
If FS2 is missing you will not have 12v to the POD. This is a 1 Amp fuse. But,  if the relay is clicking then FS2 must OK!

The other fuse is 5 Amp and is for the lights, indicators, horn etc.