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Few bits for Agro
« on: 29, June, 2013 - 19:40:15 »
So this morning a couple of jiffy bags arrived in the post which can only mean one thing....... eBay goodies!!!!

So I set to work installing the new side stripes to replace the worn scuffed and generally tatty old ones.

I took the old ones off with the aid of a hot air gun and razor blade then cleaned up the sides with brake cleaner and a rag before applying the new strips.

Second job of the day was to install the LED voltmeter.

My old set up consisted of a massive analogue voltmeter a 12v socket robbed from a scrap car, an old pod back off a dead pod and some 18mm scrap mdf.

I decided to neaten up the dash so sawn off the triangular bottom piece that housed the 12v outlet and voltmeter and cut it flush with the pod back, then with a bit of marking out drilling and cutting with a hacksaw blade and a razor blade I made a new home for the LED meter a bit of soldering and heat shrinking saw it installed and working.

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Re: Few bits for Agro
« Reply #1 on: 29, June, 2013 - 22:25:02 »
Looking good

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Re: Few bits for Agro
« Reply #2 on: 02, July, 2013 - 16:30:15 »
So today the post lady handed me this....

So I removed the knobbly tyre and replaced it with the City jet that was on the original c5 wheel....

Then I had to stretch the front forks a little to accept the new wheel....

Which then allowed me to fit my nice new wheel!


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Re: Few bits for Agro
« Reply #3 on: 03, July, 2013 - 09:01:18 »
..that colour suits a c5 better than the "hot pink" wheel I once had fitted.. :D