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Author Topic: I'm a C5 virgin. Hello to all.  (Read 1251 times)

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I'm a C5 virgin. Hello to all.
« on: 25, January, 2009 - 09:44:45 »
I've purchased my first C5 off ebay and going to pick it up on Tuesday.
All I know is that it is complete but with no battery.
It hasn't been used in about 15 years and has been stored indoors.
If anyone has some initial advice I would love to hear from you.
Wish me luck.


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Re: I'm a C5 virgin. Hello to all.
« Reply #1 on: 25, January, 2009 - 16:04:01 »
Hello mate and welcome to the world of Sinclair c5's  ;D

No doubt you'll experience the fascination,and frustration, in equal measure - but above all you'll have a top laugh enjoying life in one of Sir Clive's finest creations  8).

This thread by Martin should prove useful,
plus there's other bits and pieces elsewhere across the forum, so have a good rummage ;)

You are most welcome to pop along to one of the meetings and chat with some of the other owners. Even if yours isnt running yet, you can still pick up some tips and advice, maybe try out a C5,  as well as make some new friends.

Nice to see another c5 has gone to a good home, and not left stored away  :)