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The Specification of the C5
« on: 05, April, 2014 - 12:15:40 »
Overall Length                                                   1744mm (5’9”)
Overall Width                                                    744mm (2’5”)
Overall Height                                                   795mm (2’7”)
Overall Weight                                                   30kg or 66lb (without battery)
Ground Clearance                                              56mm (21/4”)
Rear Track                                                           630mm (2’1”)
Wheelbase                                                           1304mm (4’3”)
Vehicle Weight (less battery)                              approx 30kg (66lb)
Max. recommended gross weight                        150kg (330lb)
Luggage capacity (in rear boot)                          28 litres (1cu ft)
Max recommended luggage weight                     10kg (22lb)
Max. speed (electric drive)                                 24 kph (15 mph)
Bodywork                                                         Moulded polypropylene

Continuous rating                                              250 w
Max Speed                                                        4,100 rpm

Two-stage single speed redctn unit overall ratio   13:1

Front: cable-operated calliper brake with high performance blocks
Rear: Cable-operated twin-shoe hub brake on off-side wheel with parking brake provision

Wheel & Tyres
Front: 317mm (12 ½”) dia. Unique nylon composite wheel with 317mm (12 ½”) x 57mm (2 ¼”) low rolling resistance tyre.
Tyre pressure front: 2.1 bar (30psi)
Rear: 406mm (16”) dia. Unique nylon composite wheels with 406mm (16”) x 51mm (2”) low rolling resistance tyres
Tyre pressure rear: 2.4 bar (35 psi)

Castor Trail                                                       11mm (7/16”)
Turning Circle                                                    5800mm (19”)

Pedal Drive
Drive sprocket (steel)                                         42 teeth
Rear sprocket with free wheel                             20 teeth
Chain 12.5mm (1/2”) pitch x 3mm (1/8”) section 181 links

Bulbs: 12 V 5 W wedge base, type W10/5

Voltage                                                             12 V
Continuous rating (capacity @ 5 hour rate)          36 Ah
Weight                                                              approx 15kg (33lb)
Dimensions                                                       236mm (9”) x 136mm (5”) x 206mm (8”)

Other details

Built in pedals, rechargeable battery, led instrument display, rear tail lamp, 12v headlamp, 1cu ft boot space, key operation, light switch

Official accessories

Battery charger, booster pad, seat cushions, high-vis mast, mud flaps, side panels, wing mirrors, indicator kit, horn, tonneau cover, clothing


Sinclair Vehicles Limited has designed the C5 to give years of reliable use. To ensure your vehicle performs to the highest standard, it should be professionally serviced and only components of the correct design and specification should be fitted.

 The Sinclair C5 service network provides the highest quality of after-sales service, and maximum convenience through an established national organisation with a proven record of customer service –


 The Hoover Company has been servicing electric appliances at customer’s homes for over 50 years; the selection and training of their service staff is so exacting that their work is fully guaranteed for 12 months.
 For free advice, or if you require a service engineer to call, contact your local Hoover Service engineer to call, contact your local Hoover Service Office. The address and telephone number is in your local telephone directory.

NB: The above information has been extracted from the ‘C5 Official Large Brochure Handbook’