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Uploading Photos
« on: 05, April, 2014 - 12:26:21 »
Uploading Photos via Photobucket

To upload photos on to the forum for us all to seen you first need to have or create an account with Photo Bucket

If you follow the below you should be able to upload your photo/s with ease
1.   Log in to your photobucket account

2.   Upload your photos to the account

3.   If you want your photos in a designated folder then do this before you select the photo

4.   Select the photo you wish to add to the forum post (this will take you to an image of the picture)

5.   You will then see on the right hand side of the page the following 4 options:-
        Email & IM

6.   Click on the box for IMG – this will then change colour and confirm the text has been copied

7.   lastly paste this link in to your forum message

8.   You can preview your post to check it has copied correctly and then post your message

NB: Please note that this is a live link to the photo within photobucket. If you move or delete the picture in photobucket this will delete the post from your message in the forum.