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Not to be left out.
« on: 03, July, 2009 - 16:12:12 »
Well as I could not attend the Royal Run, when my son Mark got back from Scout camp, we went on a run.  I used my Fuller 85AH bright orange leisure battery, and Mark used a standard 038 car battery with Sinclair battery top.

We set off and traveled 15miles of open road, there were some really big hills, but we kept at it.  I bet were were gone 2 hours or more.  Marks C5 started to beep, not a constant beep but a beep beep beep - kind of beep - lol.

As his does not have a cooling kit (its bog standard) we had to stop while the motor cools, for what its worth - not only does the pod remember the battery state whilst switched off, but the horn - lights and over heat beeper still work, we parked up on some yellow lines (like you do) while it cooled and took a pic.

Now I know I'm carrying a few extra pounds, but I was amazed at how much it takes its tole on the battery, Mark lost 1 green light and I was on two reds when we got back.

I also had a number plate made at work for my baby - here's a few pics.

Forgive the quality - but that's an iPhone for you, and sorry for the late post, but whilst I can upload photos to photobucket with the iPhone I cant post the image code, so I had to wait for my internet to work and use a real PC.

While the motor cools

Number Plate

A Genuine Sinclair Battery

With a Real Original and my make do!