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Author Topic: Project C5 is taking shape.....  (Read 12039 times)

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Re: Project C5 is taking shape.....
« Reply #30 on: 30, December, 2009 - 12:39:50 »
what voltage is challenger Karl? With any luck i maybe able to finish off the twin motor c5 sometime this decade lol

Although it is only 24v, it does have a 1kw motor from an HGV tail-lift  8)

The wires are really thick coz a huge amount of power was needed in a short amount of time - electricDave calculated we only need a run time of less than a minute.

The batteries are "standby" items previously used as part of a pack designed to power a bank's IT during a power cut. A bit heavy for a standard c5, but challengers strengthened chassis was able to cope.