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Author Topic: Can anyone help me with my quest?  (Read 1300 times)

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Can anyone help me with my quest?
« on: 23, August, 2009 - 23:09:41 »
Well, after weeks of following your threads, posts and website details through and through, I have come to the conclusion that I've lost out on so many happy years of owning a C5.  Instead, I've got nowhere!

I was amazed that some of you guys even have more than one - some even have several C5's!  Wow!

Anyone know of someone willing to let a C5 go to a good home for a nominal / peppercorn fee?  I know that's a tall order, but I live at the heart of the Jurassic Coast here in Dorset, and what with us being the host of the 2012 sailing events for the coming Olympics, it would make a great place for me to show off a C5!

Perhaps when you meet or plan your next rally, you may consider popping by Portland in Dorset, and explore the old railway line, which has now been transformed into a great cycle path and possibly the most suitable C5 route for miles!  It's called the Rodwell Trail.

Maybe one day I'll ride one, or even own one.  But for now, I can only dream.

All the best to you all, and thanks for keeping me entetained with your updates.  I'll still look in from time to time, hoping some day someone will lose their mind and decide to let their C5 go for a price I can afford.

Thanks agian, you're all legends!



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Re: Can anyone help me with my quest?
« Reply #1 on: 24, August, 2009 - 06:42:24 »
Looks a great route, If you get yourself a C5 then you can always hold a run in your area, you would get to meet some of us and have a laugh, Only one thing, is there a pub somewhere on the route ? I only have the one C5 myself, but once you get one, you will always want more.

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Re: Can anyone help me with my quest?
« Reply #2 on: 24, August, 2009 - 19:35:33 »
I would like to help you out but I am buisy building my C5 empire at the moment,and one day,I WILL RULE THE C5 World, 8 and counting!
HA,HA,HA.  more more more.

But good luck on your search and look forwards to meeting you at one of the events some day.
Like all C5 users,after a few years,you go completly bonkers,hehehe.

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Re: Can anyone help me with my quest?
« Reply #3 on: 24, August, 2009 - 19:44:12 »
The problem with C5's is that they are addictive.  We all buy a cheep one, spend mega bucks on it.  And then buy another - lol.