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Author Topic: More transplant surgery for "Dave"...  (Read 1192 times)

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More transplant surgery for "Dave"...
« on: 27, August, 2009 - 19:08:15 »
As you know, "Dave" underwent a chassis change recently and all seemed well - until I noticed the back end of the front wheel shroud was rubbing on the grey bodywork....I couldn't let it rest and just had to sort the problem out  :-\

My first fear was that the chassis was bent, similar to Scott's , causing the front wheel to "tuck under". I had checked the chassis over before the swop, so was annoyed to find a snag after having done all the hard work  :-X.

c5martin suggested the front forks may have bent, so I decided to change them and see if it made a difference.

Before the fork change ;

After the fork change;

As you can see, it was just a case of bent forks and the chassis is absolutely fine.

I have to admit I was always very quick to condemn the chassis as a bit weak, but it seems they may be stronger than I give them credit for.

The damaged forks;

To be honest, it is really hard to spot any damage to them - I certainly missed it when checking the complete chassis was suitable for the earlier transplant.
If you look really closely you can just about make out the cracked paint at the curved top of the forks - but it is easily missed.

Still, Dave is back in top form now  8)