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Author Topic: preping shell for paint  (Read 3645 times)

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Re: preping shell for paint
« Reply #15 on: 21, December, 2009 - 09:45:36 »
Hi Phil,
i know you would not change it now, but pondering you comments on the brackets strength and design trials, a fair bit of messing about was needed and a thought occurred to improve the design of it.

if a strut was taken from near center wishbone of the frame to the axle, then a bearing fitted inside the eye of the strut so allowing the axle to turn, this would make for a very strong stable base for the caliper mount.

if the bearing 'eye' was made like a cars big end perhaps with a split nylon shell then there would be less dismantling needed to fit it.

imo the axle would not need to be precision ground due to its low duty cycle, just polished with wire wool and fine emery cloth.

i'd guess many would like a to have a rear disk brake upgrade but do not have resources, the original kit will become harder to obtain. this bracket could be turned out in a 'brake upgrade kit' form by Karl of C5Martin if he stays around the scene 8).