A brief history about C5 Alive


C5alive was originally set up around 2003 by Chris Gavin-Egan to provide spares, accessories and advice for those restoring, repairing, modifying or just maintaining a Sinclair C5 on a tight budget. C5alive remains an alternative option for those that are happy to use parts that are not the original genuine Sinclair items. At time of writing this, Sinclair vehicles was still "offline" so we remain pretty much the only place to source some of those vital components needed to keep you on the road !


In April 2008 I took over c5alive from its second owner (Mark Smith) and decided to change the website into an owners club and promote the social aspect of owning and running a Sinclair C5. With this in mind we now run various meetings and events at a variety of venues and locations, either road trips, static displays or "motorsport" style events. There remains a small shop style section of the website to provide essential spares but it is by no means the centre of what we do



Meetings & Events


We try to arrange a meeting or event every month, some are regular venues such as the Brooklands Museum Cycle Festival held every September or the Alternative Energy Racing event held at Santa Pod in May. Both these venues allow the C5's access to the race track providing quite an entertaining experience for all concerned.


  Technical help


The c5alive forum includes various sections on how to restore, repair, modify and improve the Sinclair C5. We also have a buyers guide and info on what is likely to go wrong, together with advice on batteries, tyres etc. All the advice given is based on personal experience from people who have owned and restored c5's over a number of years, not to mention some that have tested a couple of c5's to destruction pursuing improved performance at the track based events.


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  Keeping the C5 Alive!


Despite being derided as a commercial failure, the Sinclair c5 is still very well known as an icon of the 1980's. Here at c5alive we have helped out on BBC TV's "Electric dreams" , Chris Barries "Britains Greatest Machines" ,the Gadget Show , a couple of radio interviews as well as featuring in various newspaper and magazine articles. This all helps to keep the Sinclair c5 very much alive