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Author Topic: Hello everyone ( my story ) (sorry)  (Read 1564 times)

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Hello everyone ( my story ) (sorry)
« on: 16, March, 2011 - 00:09:31 »
Hello everyone. Thought it was about time I introduced myself to you all.

I joined up some time ago and have thoroughly enjoyed following all of your exploits, restorations and engineering solutions, along with all the great ideas that show up on here.
Like probably most of you I remember the coming of the C5 but wasn't:- a) old enough to have one and 2) rich enough as a teenager to buy one. So I found myself reminiscing & wanting to get one now in my late 30's  ;D

Well mines a long story that I will, so all of you insomniacs read on for a cure. :D

It all started in France. I had convinced the wife that the C5 was a good idea (now thats no mean feat as I know most of you know) and she agreed we should get a couple (one each) TWO! I couldn't believe my luck!
The plan (I use the word plan here loosely) was to get 2 Sinclairs to ship / transport over to France to enjoy on our holidays there, they would live tucked up most of the time at a friends farm.

The hunt was on.

Well I found 2, both for sale at the same time by the same guy and duly snapped them up (in my ignorance as a C5 virgin) and although what was of them was in pretty good nick the problem was what was of them! (not much!)

It didn't take long to realise that these 2 sorry little trikes were practically "White Elephants" and to get them fully restored was going to cost me big time.
I looked for 2 more, and I was going to make sure they had all the bits this time.

Well in time I tracked them down and set about the usual strip down, powdercoat, re-wire, control box repair, rebuild etc & got them ready for France.

Well they've residing in a cosy barn.

I am pleased to say my Wife got the "C5 Grin" whilst pottering about in her one on holiday that I suggested that maybe one each here at home would be good?

So like a kid in a sweet shop off I went again on the hunt for 2 more.

Like most of you guys on here (i've seen the threads) this C5 collecting is seriously addictive and suffice to say I didn't stop at 2. (or 4 if you count our 2 holiday ones)

I am slightly ashamed to admit how many I own now, but I really enjoy restoring them and I know I should sell them once complete, but I just can't.

Its great though when friends or family come round because we can all have a hack about.

My original plans were to just get them going and looking nice, maybe a "hotrod" 24,36,48!v version? but I have to say that I have been firmly bitten with the keep it original bug & the only deviation I have made is to have twin batteries (for range), running through one key switch with a 100 amp relay energised when the ignition is switched on,  but I also have a switch to isolate the relay, separating them, so although they are in parallel, equally they are independent and the relay and switch take the place of the original secondary key switch.

I run the second battery first by switching on the ignition (making sure the relay disconnect switch is on so the relay energises) then switching the ignition off again which isolates the primary battery. As the secondary battery runs low you simply switch the relay disconnect switch off de-energising the relay and isolating the now depleated secondary battery & switching the ignition key switch on bringing the primary battery into use.

I have found it works well, it allows for 2 different AH batteries to be used as you aren't running them paralleled together (which many say is a no no, but I am no expert) and it allows for you to keep the originality of the battery top and key switch set up along with a beefier secondary battery to give you the range that the 038 size batteries struggle with.

If like me you fit the relay in the back out of site by the control box, neither batteries can be energised without first switching the ignition on for a little bit of added security and the relay disconnect switch can go where the indicator switch would go (if you don't have indicators) which keeps it looking neat and original.

Well I am sure the insomniacs among you are nicely asleep now, those who are not, like it says in the subject "Sorry" & I am amazed you made it this far.

A few thanks,

Firstly to Karl (BooBoo) for managing this fantastic forum, for the battery chargers my dad popped in to get (they both worked fine, one even says ready when charged!!).

To Plumber & Marc Donnelly (they live here in sunny Brandon with me) & both have been a great source of spare parts.

To everyone else on here giving me ideas, great reads & cool images to look at.

I will post up some of my collection for you to see soon (I haven't actually taken any photos) so when the suns shining I will get them out of the garage, line them up and snap away.

Thanks Again


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Re: Hello everyone ( my story ) (sorry)
« Reply #1 on: 16, March, 2011 - 09:14:17 »
Hi Jace, what a fascinating C5 journey you've had.  Clearly you've been rewarded with the number of C5's you want, and no doubt the originals could be used for spares?  So, perhaps not all is a white elephant.

Good luck with your projects.  Keep posting pictures of your C5's.


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Re: Hello everyone ( my story ) (sorry)
« Reply #2 on: 16, March, 2011 - 15:26:17 »
Hi bud and welcome  - fantastic stuff always good to hear a C5 story - keep up the good work


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Re: Hello everyone ( my story ) (sorry)
« Reply #3 on: 16, March, 2011 - 16:13:10 »
Go with the hot rod version ! You know you want to so why fight it - give in to the voices  ;D Then you can join us in the "motorsport" side of things at Santa Pod, Brooklands and the BVS electrathon  8)

You can never have too many c5's..... ;)

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Re: Hello everyone ( my story ) (sorry)
« Reply #4 on: 17, March, 2011 - 05:48:55 »
Welcome to the forum Jace, I enjoyed reading your story and its nice to have another fairly local as I live in King's Lynn, perhaps a C5 meeting in or around Brandon would be good with a large amount of us getting together ? Look forward to seeing some of your pictures of your collection.

Retro Andy.